We are A Creative Design

and Media Production Agency

We are in the business of creating, editing, capturing, manipulating and maintaining text, images, graphics, audio and video for our clients in order to provide knowledgeable fillings to the users.

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Our Services

Lovely Design

With over 3000 templates, we research the audience so that we can design and capture effective content for you in various multimedia format.

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Great Concept

Contents developed by us aid a lot in establishing and growing the thinking and gaining overall information about your brand.

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We work closely with our client and conglomerate through every creative process which becomes a learning process for our clients as well.

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User Friendly

We try to make it simple for your audience to find the content they need. We manage the content to keep it useful and up to date.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

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Our Team

Basil Assibong
CEO/Creative Executive
David Bell
Creative Designer
Eve Stinger
Sales Manager
Will Peters


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We are committed to service excellence and our clients come first. We believe that a business transaction should fulfil the expectations of both parties.


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